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State CID chief denies police failed to protect anti-rabies frontliners
Tarikh : 13 Mar 2018  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

State CID chief denies police failed to protect anti-rabies frontliners

March 13, 2018, Tuesday

KUCHING: Police have denied accusations by the Sarawak Veterinary Association (SVA) that it failed to properly protect frontliners involved in anti-rabies operations in the state.

State CID chief Datuk Dev Kumar said every police report made by veterinary staff involved in anti-rabies operations are investigated by the police without fail.

“We are taken aback by the allegations against the police. I (have) personally looked into the investigation of two social media users, who were arrested for issuing threats against veterinary staff,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He disclosed that police are also investigating reports made in Miri and Kota Samarahan on Sunday and will be arresting the individuals who issued threats against veterinary officers once they are identified.

Meanwhile, on the security aspect during anti-rabies operations, the CID chief said police will provide protection once a request has been made to the respective district police chief.

“If the police are not notified earlier of any anti-rabies operation, we are not to be blamed if some untoward incident occurs,” he said.

Dev Kumar also stressed that the police also cannot arrest people for hurling insults at those involved in the operation.

“We can only take action if threats issued, as these are criminal in nature, and once a police report is lodged by the aggrieved party.

He also invited SVA to have a dialogue with the respective district police chief to iron out issues that may be of concern.

“This would be the sensible approach instead of attacking the police in the media,” he said.

SVA president Dr Chuo Hock Tieng was reported in the media as saying that the police were not around to protect

frontliners involved in anti-rabies operations, and that no action had been taken on police reports made against social media users who had posted threats against veterinary officers.