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Vaccinate your dogs, people urged
Tarikh : 26 Jan 2018  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

Vaccinate your dogs, people urged


Irene Chang

SIBU: The people here are urged to vaccinate their pets to prevent the spread of rabies.

Bukit Assek assemblywomen Irene Chang, in a press statement received here yesterday, said a mass free anti-rabies vaccination is being held at various locations here by the Veterinary Services Department from Jan 20 till March 1.

“Everyone should play a part to keep rabies at bay. The dreadful disease has already reached Sarikei and Julau.”

Chang said she was dismayed that even though the free vaccinations had been offered, the response was lukewarm.

According to Assistant Minister of Housing and Public Health Dr Annuar Rapaee, this was due to the lack of publicity and public ignorance.

“I agree so. Since the disease first struck in Kuching last year, I have called for more awareness campaigns to be held to educate the people,” Chang said.

One such campaign was held at the Resident’s Office here on Aug 5.

However, only government servants and community leaders were invited.

“As far as I know, no publicity was given. Therefore, no one from the public came,” Chang said, adding the lack of publicity was ‘deliberately made’ so as not to cause panic among the public.

“I have called on the authorities to push the panic button and to disseminate information on the disease and preventive measures.”

She said her appeal was not heeded.

“However, it is still not too late to do so and I am glad the Veterinary Services Department has taken measures to provide mass vaccinations.”

She said once the disease struck, it would be difficult to curb the spread.

“As the medical experts have said, once a person is diagnosed with the disease, there is no cure; 99 per cent of patients will die.”

She said rabies was a preventable disease and the vaccination gives complete protection.

Those who have dogs can call 013-8077964 or 084-310808 to find out the locations and dates for the vaccination.

“I also call on Sibu Municipal Council to step up its efforts in reining the stray dogs.”