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SRDC gets tough with backyard poultry rearers
Tarikh : 22 Jan 2018  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

SRDC gets tough with backyard poultry rearers

January 22, 2018, Monday

Inspection on poultry rearing in the residential area.

SIBU: Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) will mete out tough action against residents carrying out poultry-rearing in front and at the backyard of their house in areas under its jurisdiction.

Its chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai observed that poultry rearing in Sibu Jaya township has reached a critical stage, necessitating for drastic action to be taken.

He said more than 20 notices had been issued thus far in the township, asserting that council would not compromise on health issue.

“Council has issued sufficient notice of 30 days to those poultry owners (in Sibu Jaya) through the Public Health Section. Now, all the 30 days’ notices have

lapsed and council will take action under the Cleanliness By-Law against them, including compounding, confiscating and demolishing their poultry cages.

“Chicken and duck rearing in front and behind the house is strictly a no-no. The council will take stern action against those errant residents in Sibu Jaya township who rear any poultry in front and at back lane of the house,” Sempurai told The Borneo Post yesterday.

He was asked on the council’s spot check on poultry rearing in the township on Friday.

Sempurai was accompanied by Public Health officers Mathew Paran and Angeline Uci as well as three councillors-Geronsin Maja, Amping Ranggau and Frederick Taip during the inspection.

During the spot check, he found out that the poultry rearing in Sibu Jaya has become critical, necessitating for council to take drastic action.

“There are more than 20 chickens at a single house. I will ask the Public Health Section to carry out survey, surveillance and issuance of the notices more aggressively.”

He explained that currently the council only allowed the people to keep not more than five chickens or other poultry for temporary keeping and consumption, especially for mothers who are still in confinement and before any festival.

This is considered as temporary keeping and not rearing, he explained.

“Even then, they (residents) need to get written permission from the council through the Public Health Section and health inspector.”

Adding on, Sempurai remarked: “To me, I take this issue of rearing poultry seriously as it involves public health and cleanliness.

“You can imagine how some residents have to live with (foul) smell and flies for years because of this irresponsible act by their neighbours.”

In fact, he even received feedbacks from the public that they were reluctant to report their neighbours’ poultry rearing activity to maintain their good relationship.

Sempurai, however, said: “To me, they need to play a bigger role to give information to the council and become a concerned community rather than playing or becoming ‘good guys’”.

Towards this end, he urged all residents within SRDC’s jurisdiction especially Sibu Jaya, Selangau bazaar, Stapang and Kemuyang to refrain from rearing any poultry in front and at the back lane of their house compound with immediate effect.

“Council officer will going around and issue a 30-day notice for the poultry owner to remove their livestock and open up their cages or council will demolish, confiscate and compound those errant poultry owners especially those rearing poultry including rooster for cockfighting.

“Council will not compromise on health issue,” Sempurai stressed.

Poultry rearing in residential area is strictly prohibited.