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Mushrooming of hawker’s stalls outside schools a cause for concern — Union
Tarikh : 13 Feb 2018  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

Mushrooming of hawker’s stalls outside schools a cause for concern — Union

SIBU: Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) views the mushrooming of hawker’s stalls operating outside school compounds is ‘an issue of concern’.

Union president Jisin Nyud believes that such situation needs to be monitored closely in that it concerns the aspect of hygiene.

“Hygiene is, of course, the utmost priority when it comes to food and drinks sold to our school-children. The local authorities should monitor and take action against the hawkers and traders, if the cleanliness of their premises is not up to the standard.

“However, to fully stop the traders from selling snacks near schools is not necessary, as it still depends on individuals, and the parents,” he told The Borneo Post recently.

Deputy Minister of Education Datuk Chong Sin Woon was recently quoted as urging local authorities to monitor and take action against traders selling snacks near schools, adding that the move was to prevent children from buying food sold outside their school areas due to doubts over hygiene and also the complaints about the halal status of the items sold.

According to Jisin, parents can have control over what their children eat and drink.

On the sale of food or snacks without halal logo certified by the government, Jisin said as consumers, one must be quick in observing the items and making informed judgements.

“This also means that the local authorities need to monitor the traders’ premises regularly,” he stressed.